Fouad WhatsApp GB

Fouad WhatsApp GB is the apk version of Fouad and GB WhatsApp. As you know, everything is going to revolutionize. At the start of the digital era, there was just one communication application, which was skype, and every age of people uses that application. In 2009 WhatsApp released its first version that caught fame in a limited time. At the start of WhatsApp, you do the call, send and receive images, and you have the little features in the official version of WhatsApp. With time now, you have different versions of WhatsApp, which are given below.


 NAMEFouad WhatsApp Gb
 UPDATEDJuly 6, 2022
 SIZE52.24 MB

Fouad WhatsApp (FM WHATSAPP)

GB WhatsApp 

Fouad WhatsApp GB 

Today we will discuss the remarkable features of Fouad WhatsApp GB. This is the combination of two WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp. You will have a variety of elements in these communication applications. No particular device is required to download Fouad WhatsApp and install it. Any ordinary device can easily download and run this application. 


  • Here is the list of all features which you will find in it. 
  • In the chat box of any contact, you can easily set up your favorite image. You will have the wallpaper application. 
  • You can set the image in individual chat or the background of the WhatsApp contacts. 
  • You will have the feature of preview in it. If you want to apply any new style, you can preview it before saving it. 
  • You can change the application’s color from green to any other multi-color. 
  • You can post any group photo in the chat or the main log.
  • Choose the image for the background of the call log and spare for the message background. 
  • Select the specific and highlight it. 
  • You can use a new window for the individual contact. 
  • Always keep your favorite contact chat room open.
  • Keep the contrast of the colors between sender and receiver. 
  • Change the style of the typing status which shows on the contact. 
  • Choose the color of the typing word. 
  • Set your favorite color on the main screen and apply a time limit so it will change with time. 
  • Set the name of the main screen of your Fouad WhatsApp GB.
  • Select your favorite color for your voice memos. Please choose your color and set it on the sending and receiving voice note. 
  • Change the play bar of the voice in it. 
  • Delete the forwarded tag displayed on the media and change its color. 
  • Add different colors of new participants in the group.
  • In this WhatsApp, you will have the integrated blocker, and you can use this blocker on specific contacts. 
  • The navigation bar is white.
  • New themes will be automatically downloaded and saved in the folder name zip. Themes.
  • Multi-lingual WhatsApp offers the Azerbaijani language as well.  
  • Find your favorite theme and save it in the theme store. 
  • There are also Arabic, Urdu, and different language keyboards. 
  • There are widgets available that prevent WhatsApp from being blocked. 
  • You will have a secured backup.
  • You can make the same call as well. 


We are offering bug-free, ads-free WhatsApp that has outstanding features. 

Just click on the button for the download, which can be shown on the screen. 

As you click on the button, your program will start downloading.  

Click on the install button, and after the icon appears on the screen, click on it and input your mobile number. 

OTP is sent to your mobile, and it will auto fetch the code. 

Enable all the features of this application that you want to use. 

Congratulations, you are finally installed your apk. 


Is this version free or paid? 

This is the upgraded version of WhatsApp, and all features can be used anytime. There are no charges deployed when you download it. Feel free to download and use this application. 

Can I use two applications on the same android device?

Yes, you can use two application modes on the same android device simultaneously. 

Can I use this application for IOS?

No, you cannot use this application for IOS if you want to use this WhatsApp for your IOS. We will upload it soon. You can come and download it again. 


Fouad WhatsApp GB has the multiple features discussed above in this article. You can download and install this best communication app which allows you to deploy privacy on your profile and information. You will enjoy your time when you start using this application. 

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