Fouad WhatsApp for Android

FM WhatsApp (Fouad WhatsApp) Communication software was introduced in 2009. When there was no other communication application available. At the start of this application, nobody knows about it. People were using their old communication system on their android devices. Before Fouad WhatsApp, only two applications were used, MSN messenger and another was Hotmail. 

People had their active accounts on these two communication devices. But there were limited features in Hotmail and messenger, and you send and receive a limited amount of data. And there was no so cool speed of these applications, and people were not familiar with the WhatsApp application. 

At the start of 2009, when WhatsApp introduce for android, the demand for windows phone down. Everybody moves on the android system because they are providing epic facilities to their customers. For every application that launches the first time, they first launched it for Android devices. WhatsApp also launched its first version, 2.11.431, for android devices. WhatsApp for android had run on 4.1 software. 

At the start of the communication application, android 4.1 can easily support FM WhatsApp. But now you have to need your android version update. You cannot use FM WhatsApp on the 4.1 version, and you have to update your android version. 

There are many specifications available in the android version of FM WhatsApp. There are no limitations of any features, and you can use numerous features in Fouad WhatsApp. There are the following features which are given below. 

Data Sent in One Go

One of the most useful and demanded features of Fouad WhatsApp is that you can be sent a maximum amount of data to your contacts. You can share your important files, media, voices notes, and images in the maximum amount. 

You can send 70 images in one go, and you have another amazing feature, which is 700 MB amount media can be sent in one go. 

There is a restriction in simple WhatsApp, and you can send just 30 images in one go and 16 MB media to contacts. 

Sending Data to Maximum Contacts               

There will be no restriction in FM WhatsApp to send media to limited contacts. You have an option in Fouad WhatsApp to share your media and data to maximum contacts in one go. Enjoy your time with unlimited features in this application. 

Fm WhatsApp For Android User

One of the best things about this application is that it is easy and most understandable for android users. Because the android database and WhatsApp are being interlinked and can share their details and other codes. 

People who are using android and WhatsApp now can enjoy the same backup. Each software is inter-connected, and user can easily make their backups and retrieve their data when required. 

Most convenient and easy way of FM WhatsApp usage in the android system. You can download it and install it, and you will not require any authenticity and any other check because you are already being checked when you make an android account or google account on android devices. 

The most valuable thing is that the android system, google account, and WhatsApp are on by the same person, and they have the same database and their same head offices. When a person requires any assistance and any other help, your query is seen by three parties that are the same. So, your query can be resolved in the meantime, and you will not be in the waiting queue anymore.  

FM WhatsApp for business

Many users want to enjoy their business contact account. On that account, they can share their business meetings and schedule. So, you can make a business account in Fouad WhatsApp and fulfill your desires and wishes according to your need. 

You have another amazing feature in this application, and you can keep an eye on your employees that are being cheated on you. You can call them whenever you want and check their live locations as well. Every boss wants to enhance their business, and you will not need any special check software that could evaluate your employee’s office timing when they reach the office. They can mark them as present in the business account group. 

FM WhatsApp for business gives you more strength and reliability because this application is so secure. All the conversations and shared documents are encrypted ends to end, and no one can access your account as well. 

Fm WhatsApp can easily run on any ordinary android device which has a version of 5.1 Lollipop. 

Enjoy your important time with this important communication application. 

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