Fouad WhatsApp For Pc or Desktop

WhatsApp is a well-known communication application that is being used by millions of people in this universe. This is the first application by which you can share your media files, documents and other objects. WhatsApp is an encrypted and secure application, and no one can easily access or hack it. Expert developers handle it, and they are updating their code and features for their users. Billions of features have been available in this messaging application, but the essential thing in this communication software is free worldwide. 

FM WhatsApp for PC

In most countries, it is banned because they have their separate servers and satellite. Every government wants that they have an eye on every nationality holder. There are many restrictions and non-availability of features in WhatsApp. So, developers programmed such code and made the modified version of WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp. In Fouad WhatsApp, there will be no boundaries and limits. You can use any feature at any time. 

Fouad WhatsApp is now introducing another excellent version for pc and desktops. Now you can use Fouad WhatsApp on pc and desktop. Before it, they have an already version of Fouad WhatsApp for android Fouad WhatsApp for pc or desktops is a fantastic version by which you can use your WhatsApp application on your laptop. You don’t need to carry your cell phone when you are using your computer. 

There is a straightforward mechanism of usage of Fouad WhatsApp on pc, you need to scan the QR code (Quick Response) by your cell, and you will get a login to your pc. 

Download Fouad WhatsApp for pc

There is two ways of using FM WhatsApp on pc, one is downloading the pc version and install it on your laptop. And other is very simple and so convenient open the link in the browser and search for WhatsApp for web, WhatsApp official site will appear in front of you. you can easily see the QR code on the site. Now go to you Fouad WhatsApp setting and search for WhatsApp web. A scan window will be open, scan that code that is on your laptop screen and get started using WhatsApp on pc. It will only logout form your pc when you do it by yourself. Otherwise, it will always stay login. Use this amazing version of WhatsApp and enjoy your meetings and office work.

Key features of Fouad WhatsApp

There are multiple features are available in Fouad WhatsApp use those amazing features and enjoy your company.

Theme store

The official version of Fouad WhatsApp comes with only one theme, and there are no other theme colours available in the official setup. But in Fouad WhatsApp, multiple options are available; you can choose your favourite theme color and use it. No restriction will find when you change or retrieve the same theme more than one time. The user always demands attractive theme colours because it enhances the interest of the user.

HD Quality image

One of this application’s most abundant and attractive features is sending HD (High Definition) quality images. By using Fouad WhatsApp for pc, you can send and receive HD media to your contacts. There will be no restriction face to the user about the size of the press and media pixels, and both characters are available in it. 

Saving And Control Status

Best option for desktop is that you can save the status of your contacts. If you viewed the status once you have option of saving it. At any time, you can save received messages as well.

Fouad WhatsApp Info:

Some more information about the FM WhatsApp is below:

App NameFouad WhatsApp
Android Version4.0+
Total Downloads4,000,000+
App Size53.9 Mb
Version Name9.8
DeveloperFouad Mokded

How to download Fouad WhatsApp for pc or desktop?

A very simple and understandable procedure of downloading Fouad WhatsApp for pc and desktops is given below.

How to download Fouad WhatsApp for pc or desktop?

An effortless and understandable procedure of downloading Fouad WhatsApp for pc and desktops is given below.

Step -1

First of all, you have to download the blue stack emulator by clicking the link given below. Blue stack emulator is the technology used for android devices, iOS and windows that allows them to help in installing and running applications on them. The link is given below. 


when you download this application, click on the finish button and install the blue stack emulator on your pc. 


Download this apk mod Fouad WhatsApp, and the link is given below. 


Now verify your OTP and start using Fouad WhatsApp (FM WhatsApp)

This is the best communication application used by millions of people, and its users increase gradually. Enjoy this application. 

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