Fouad WhatsApp is a self-destructing message app which will provide you protection from snoops and prying eyes.

The developer of the Fouad WhatsApp, WASEEM AHMAD BHAT has made this app very simple and easy to use. Its interface is very user-friendly and anyone can start using it within 10 minutes of downloading the app.

Fouad WhatsApp provides you following features:

1) Auto delete messages after few seconds (from 3 secs to 1 day).

2) Unsend messages if you sent any message by mistake.

3) Fake double ticks (show others that the message has been read).

4) Secure chat with self-destructing messages, photos, videos etc.

5) It will encrypt all your text messages to protect them from hackers and snoopers. This app doesn’t ask for your mobile number. You can download it with any email ID and start using.

Fouad WhatsApp can be of great use for celebrities who are being stalked by hundreds of fans every day, this app will help them to have secure chat with their friends without revealing their private contact numbers. It is also useful for politicians, journalists, bloggers and for those people who want to communicate with each other through secure chat (text, images, videos etc.)

6) Files can be sent as encrypted files.

7) If you send any file by mistake then there is no tension of losing that file as it can be unsent within few seconds using Fouad WhatsApp.

8) It is totally free for lifetime; you can enjoy all its features without paying a penny.

Now let’s see how to use this app on your Android phone:

1) Download Fouad WhatsApp from here.

2) Install the app and open it. Then enter your email ID(don’t worry, there is no need of mobile number or phone number).

3) Now you will be asked to create a password for your account. Provide any desired password and then re-type same password to confirm it.

4) That’s it, now your account is ready to use. You can start chatting right away by clicking on the ‘Chat’ icon which comes at the bottom of the screen.

5) To access your inbox just click on right arrow beside ‘Chat’ icon .

6) To get more features you need to Upgrade Fouad WhatsApp. You will be prompted after every 15 days, if you don’t want to upgrade then simply uninstall the app and install it again from Google Play Store.

7) For sending messages, just click on ‘Send’ icon .

8) To control message self-deletion time, go to Setting menu.

9) You can also enjoy following features by upgrading Fouad WhatsApp:

a) All your chats are encrypted with AES-256 bit key to protect them from hackers and prying eyes. It’s a military grade encryption, which is almost impossible for any hacker to crack.

b) All the messages and media files sent by you will be automatically deleted from Fouad WhatsApp servers in 3 seconds to 1 day (you can set your desired time). c) Photos and videos received in Fouad WhatsApp will also be deleted automatically after few minutes.

10) Its highly recommended to upgrade Fouad WhatsApp. Upgrade now and enjoy secure chat with friends and family without any tension of getting hacked or spied upon .

Available for Android:

Note: This app will not work on rooted devices as it requires WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission which is only available to stock android devices (without rooting).

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