Fouad WhatsApp GB

Fouad WhatsApp GB is the apk version of Fouad and GB WhatsApp. As you know, everything is going to revolutionize. At the start of the digital era, there was just one communication application, which was skype, and every age of people uses that application. In 2009 WhatsApp released its first version that caught fame in a limited time. At the start of WhatsApp, you do the call, send and receive images, and you have the little features in the official version of WhatsApp. With time now, you have different versions of WhatsApp, which are given below.


 NAMEFouad WhatsApp Gb
 UPDATEDJuly 6, 2022
 SIZE52.24 MB

Fouad WhatsApp (FM WHATSAPP)

GB WhatsApp 

Fouad WhatsApp GB 

Today we will discuss the remarkable features of Fouad WhatsApp GB. This is the combination of two WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp. You will have a variety of elements in these communication applications. No particular device is required to download Fouad WhatsApp and install it. Any ordinary device can easily download and run this application. 


  • Here is the list of all features which you will find in it. 
  • In the chat box of any contact, you can easily set up your favorite image. You will have the wallpaper application. 
  • You can set the image in individual chat or the background of the WhatsApp contacts. 
  • You will have the feature of preview in it. If you want to apply any new style, you can preview it before saving it. 
  • You can change the application’s color from green to any other multi-color. 
  • You can post any group photo in the chat or the main log.
  • Choose the image for the background of the call log and spare for the message background. 
  • Select the specific and highlight it. 
  • You can use a new window for the individual contact. 
  • Always keep your favorite contact chat room open.
  • Keep the contrast of the colors between sender and receiver. 
  • Change the style of the typing status which shows on the contact. 
  • Choose the color of the typing word. 
  • Set your favorite color on the main screen and apply a time limit so it will change with time. 
  • Set the name of the main screen of your Fouad WhatsApp GB.
  • Select your favorite color for your voice memos. Please choose your color and set it on the sending and receiving voice note. 
  • Change the play bar of the voice in it. 
  • Delete the forwarded tag displayed on the media and change its color. 
  • Add different colors of new participants in the group.
  • In this WhatsApp, you will have the integrated blocker, and you can use this blocker on specific contacts. 
  • The navigation bar is white.
  • New themes will be automatically downloaded and saved in the folder name zip. Themes.
  • Multi-lingual WhatsApp offers the Azerbaijani language as well.  
  • Find your favorite theme and save it in the theme store. 
  • There are also Arabic, Urdu, and different language keyboards. 
  • There are widgets available that prevent WhatsApp from being blocked. 
  • You will have a secured backup.
  • You can make the same call as well. 


We are offering bug-free, ads-free WhatsApp that has outstanding features. 

Just click on the button for the download, which can be shown on the screen. 

As you click on the button, your program will start downloading.  

Click on the install button, and after the icon appears on the screen, click on it and input your mobile number. 

OTP is sent to your mobile, and it will auto fetch the code. 

Enable all the features of this application that you want to use. 

Congratulations, you are finally installed your apk. 


Is this version free or paid? 

This is the upgraded version of WhatsApp, and all features can be used anytime. There are no charges deployed when you download it. Feel free to download and use this application. 

Can I use two applications on the same android device?

Yes, you can use two application modes on the same android device simultaneously. 

Can I use this application for IOS?

No, you cannot use this application for IOS if you want to use this WhatsApp for your IOS. We will upload it soon. You can come and download it again. 


Fouad WhatsApp GB has the multiple features discussed above in this article. You can download and install this best communication app which allows you to deploy privacy on your profile and information. You will enjoy your time when you start using this application. 


Fouad WhatsApp is a self-destructing message app which will provide you protection from snoops and prying eyes.

The developer of the Fouad WhatsApp, WASEEM AHMAD BHAT has made this app very simple and easy to use. Its interface is very user-friendly and anyone can start using it within 10 minutes of downloading the app.

Fouad WhatsApp provides you following features:

1) Auto delete messages after few seconds (from 3 secs to 1 day).

2) Unsend messages if you sent any message by mistake.

3) Fake double ticks (show others that the message has been read).

4) Secure chat with self-destructing messages, photos, videos etc.

5) It will encrypt all your text messages to protect them from hackers and snoopers. This app doesn’t ask for your mobile number. You can download it with any email ID and start using.

Fouad WhatsApp can be of great use for celebrities who are being stalked by hundreds of fans every day, this app will help them to have secure chat with their friends without revealing their private contact numbers. It is also useful for politicians, journalists, bloggers and for those people who want to communicate with each other through secure chat (text, images, videos etc.)

6) Files can be sent as encrypted files.

7) If you send any file by mistake then there is no tension of losing that file as it can be unsent within few seconds using Fouad WhatsApp.

8) It is totally free for lifetime; you can enjoy all its features without paying a penny.

Now let’s see how to use this app on your Android phone:

1) Download Fouad WhatsApp from here.

2) Install the app and open it. Then enter your email ID(don’t worry, there is no need of mobile number or phone number).

3) Now you will be asked to create a password for your account. Provide any desired password and then re-type same password to confirm it.

4) That’s it, now your account is ready to use. You can start chatting right away by clicking on the ‘Chat’ icon which comes at the bottom of the screen.

5) To access your inbox just click on right arrow beside ‘Chat’ icon .

6) To get more features you need to Upgrade Fouad WhatsApp. You will be prompted after every 15 days, if you don’t want to upgrade then simply uninstall the app and install it again from Google Play Store.

7) For sending messages, just click on ‘Send’ icon .

8) To control message self-deletion time, go to Setting menu.

9) You can also enjoy following features by upgrading Fouad WhatsApp:

a) All your chats are encrypted with AES-256 bit key to protect them from hackers and prying eyes. It’s a military grade encryption, which is almost impossible for any hacker to crack.

b) All the messages and media files sent by you will be automatically deleted from Fouad WhatsApp servers in 3 seconds to 1 day (you can set your desired time). c) Photos and videos received in Fouad WhatsApp will also be deleted automatically after few minutes.

10) Its highly recommended to upgrade Fouad WhatsApp. Upgrade now and enjoy secure chat with friends and family without any tension of getting hacked or spied upon .

Available for Android:

Note: This app will not work on rooted devices as it requires WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission which is only available to stock android devices (without rooting).

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FM WhatsApp For iPhone/IOS

As we all know, there is so much difference between iOS and android operating systems. It is so convenient in the android operating system. If you are using the android operating system, you can easily download FM WhatsApp and run on it. But there is difficulty found in the IOS system because iPhone only allows applications developed by the IOS system. They have security issues with other applications. 

iPhone especially does more focus on data security. They do not allow local applications to install on their device. Because locally developed applications have some viruses or bugs that could be harmful to your device. So that’s why it is so difficult for hackers to break the security of the iPhone.  

Due to the high security of these cell phones, several people use these phones. Management of these companies has also focused on the quality of the products and parts. They used more reliable and quality parts in their phones. 

Nowadays, IOS is the best operating system. You cannot download or install an outsourced application, not in the apple store. Apple store gives you bugs-free applications. 

Fm WhatsApp download is the mode version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a communication application used to connect and share their media and talks. There is some limitation in the original WhatsApp, so some local developers program another version of this software to facilitate the users. 

iPhone only allows the original version of WhatsApp. And it does not allow the user to install or use a local version of WhatsApp. To fulfill this problem, we have finally sort-out this problem and offered a great FM WhatsApp for iPhone mod. This FM WhatsApp download iPhone version can be efficiently run and installed on the iPhone. There will be no need to change your device for just a little thing.  

-0[-]Fm WhatsApp is specially designed for iPhone users. Because this application required a special kind of coding and permission to run on Apple devices. iPhone users have been waiting many times for such type of mod that could run on their devices. We are offering them a very light and productive version of this software.

This application can be run on any model of the iPhone includes iphone6 and all-up models. IOS must be updated. Because updated IOS always enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the device. 

This FM WhatsApp was introduced after the android version. Any communication applications are firstly submitted for the android system. Because in the comparison of the users, android users are more in numbers than the IOS. So, that’s why the application was first designed for android users and then for IOS users. Finally, FM WhatsApp has been designed for the apple system. Users can use this app and can exploitation to it. 


Is FM WhatsApp safe for iPhone?

FM WhatsApp is the upgraded version of WhatsApp. People use this mod application for entertainment purposes because mod applications have such kind of features which can not be offered in the original version. Locally programmed mod application having some viruses and bugs. But we are giving you surety about our product. We will not hit the trust of our users. We will provide a reliable product, which is so helpful and appealing. Feel free to download FM WhatsApp from our site. 

How can I download this FM WhatsApp from the app store?

Now I have described much more knowledge about this application. If you want to enjoy this excitement must download this FM software. Just tick on the download button and enjoy your exciting time.

  • The effortless procedure of the installation of this mod. 
  • Just click on the download button, file going download starts.
  • Before all this practice is done, you must make sure that you have turned on the outsourced of the mobile. Because it requires your permission, then will download 
  • Click on the icon of this game and go to the install button. 
  • When the installation is finished, by default feature will be unlocked.
  • Hurry, enjoy your time with this application.

Which WhatsApp is best for iPhone?

There are many versions of WhatsApp, which users in the market are using. It is the users’ choice which version of WhatsApp he liked the most. If you have a slight interest in technology, you can use the original version of WhatsApp because WhatsApp’s latest version has limited features. But if you want to enjoy the multiple features ­in WhatsApp, you must go for FM WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp For Pc or Desktop

WhatsApp is a well-known communication application that is being used by millions of people in this universe. This is the first application by which you can share your media files, documents and other objects. WhatsApp is an encrypted and secure application, and no one can easily access or hack it. Expert developers handle it, and they are updating their code and features for their users. Billions of features have been available in this messaging application, but the essential thing in this communication software is free worldwide. 

FM WhatsApp for PC

In most countries, it is banned because they have their separate servers and satellite. Every government wants that they have an eye on every nationality holder. There are many restrictions and non-availability of features in WhatsApp. So, developers programmed such code and made the modified version of WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp. In Fouad WhatsApp, there will be no boundaries and limits. You can use any feature at any time. 

Fouad WhatsApp is now introducing another excellent version for pc and desktops. Now you can use Fouad WhatsApp on pc and desktop. Before it, they have an already version of Fouad WhatsApp for android Fouad WhatsApp for pc or desktops is a fantastic version by which you can use your WhatsApp application on your laptop. You don’t need to carry your cell phone when you are using your computer. 

There is a straightforward mechanism of usage of Fouad WhatsApp on pc, you need to scan the QR code (Quick Response) by your cell, and you will get a login to your pc. 

Download Fouad WhatsApp for pc

There is two ways of using FM WhatsApp on pc, one is downloading the pc version and install it on your laptop. And other is very simple and so convenient open the link in the browser and search for WhatsApp for web, WhatsApp official site will appear in front of you. you can easily see the QR code on the site. Now go to you Fouad WhatsApp setting and search for WhatsApp web. A scan window will be open, scan that code that is on your laptop screen and get started using WhatsApp on pc. It will only logout form your pc when you do it by yourself. Otherwise, it will always stay login. Use this amazing version of WhatsApp and enjoy your meetings and office work.

Key features of Fouad WhatsApp

There are multiple features are available in Fouad WhatsApp use those amazing features and enjoy your company.

Theme store

The official version of Fouad WhatsApp comes with only one theme, and there are no other theme colours available in the official setup. But in Fouad WhatsApp, multiple options are available; you can choose your favourite theme color and use it. No restriction will find when you change or retrieve the same theme more than one time. The user always demands attractive theme colours because it enhances the interest of the user.

HD Quality image

One of this application’s most abundant and attractive features is sending HD (High Definition) quality images. By using Fouad WhatsApp for pc, you can send and receive HD media to your contacts. There will be no restriction face to the user about the size of the press and media pixels, and both characters are available in it. 

Saving And Control Status

Best option for desktop is that you can save the status of your contacts. If you viewed the status once you have option of saving it. At any time, you can save received messages as well.

Fouad WhatsApp Info:

Some more information about the FM WhatsApp is below:

App NameFouad WhatsApp
Android Version4.0+
Total Downloads4,000,000+
App Size53.9 Mb
Version Name9.8
DeveloperFouad Mokded

How to download Fouad WhatsApp for pc or desktop?

A very simple and understandable procedure of downloading Fouad WhatsApp for pc and desktops is given below.

How to download Fouad WhatsApp for pc or desktop?

An effortless and understandable procedure of downloading Fouad WhatsApp for pc and desktops is given below.

Step -1

First of all, you have to download the blue stack emulator by clicking the link given below. Blue stack emulator is the technology used for android devices, iOS and windows that allows them to help in installing and running applications on them. The link is given below. 


when you download this application, click on the finish button and install the blue stack emulator on your pc. 


Download this apk mod Fouad WhatsApp, and the link is given below. 


Now verify your OTP and start using Fouad WhatsApp (FM WhatsApp)

This is the best communication application used by millions of people, and its users increase gradually. Enjoy this application. 

Fouad WhatsApp for Android

FM WhatsApp (Fouad WhatsApp) Communication software was introduced in 2009. When there was no other communication application available. At the start of this application, nobody knows about it. People were using their old communication system on their android devices. Before Fouad WhatsApp, only two applications were used, MSN messenger and another was Hotmail. 

People had their active accounts on these two communication devices. But there were limited features in Hotmail and messenger, and you send and receive a limited amount of data. And there was no so cool speed of these applications, and people were not familiar with the WhatsApp application. 

At the start of 2009, when WhatsApp introduce for android, the demand for windows phone down. Everybody moves on the android system because they are providing epic facilities to their customers. For every application that launches the first time, they first launched it for Android devices. WhatsApp also launched its first version, 2.11.431, for android devices. WhatsApp for android had run on 4.1 software. 

At the start of the communication application, android 4.1 can easily support FM WhatsApp. But now you have to need your android version update. You cannot use FM WhatsApp on the 4.1 version, and you have to update your android version. 

There are many specifications available in the android version of FM WhatsApp. There are no limitations of any features, and you can use numerous features in Fouad WhatsApp. There are the following features which are given below. 

Data Sent in One Go

One of the most useful and demanded features of Fouad WhatsApp is that you can be sent a maximum amount of data to your contacts. You can share your important files, media, voices notes, and images in the maximum amount. 

You can send 70 images in one go, and you have another amazing feature, which is 700 MB amount media can be sent in one go. 

There is a restriction in simple WhatsApp, and you can send just 30 images in one go and 16 MB media to contacts. 

Sending Data to Maximum Contacts               

There will be no restriction in FM WhatsApp to send media to limited contacts. You have an option in Fouad WhatsApp to share your media and data to maximum contacts in one go. Enjoy your time with unlimited features in this application. 

Fm WhatsApp For Android User

One of the best things about this application is that it is easy and most understandable for android users. Because the android database and WhatsApp are being interlinked and can share their details and other codes. 

People who are using android and WhatsApp now can enjoy the same backup. Each software is inter-connected, and user can easily make their backups and retrieve their data when required. 

Most convenient and easy way of FM WhatsApp usage in the android system. You can download it and install it, and you will not require any authenticity and any other check because you are already being checked when you make an android account or google account on android devices. 

The most valuable thing is that the android system, google account, and WhatsApp are on by the same person, and they have the same database and their same head offices. When a person requires any assistance and any other help, your query is seen by three parties that are the same. So, your query can be resolved in the meantime, and you will not be in the waiting queue anymore.  

FM WhatsApp for business

Many users want to enjoy their business contact account. On that account, they can share their business meetings and schedule. So, you can make a business account in Fouad WhatsApp and fulfill your desires and wishes according to your need. 

You have another amazing feature in this application, and you can keep an eye on your employees that are being cheated on you. You can call them whenever you want and check their live locations as well. Every boss wants to enhance their business, and you will not need any special check software that could evaluate your employee’s office timing when they reach the office. They can mark them as present in the business account group. 

FM WhatsApp for business gives you more strength and reliability because this application is so secure. All the conversations and shared documents are encrypted ends to end, and no one can access your account as well. 

Fm WhatsApp can easily run on any ordinary android device which has a version of 5.1 Lollipop. 

Enjoy your important time with this important communication application.