Fouad WhatsApp (FM WhatsApp) Download APK(Official Version) 2024

We are going through that era in which mobile applications are the basic need of every person. These mobile applications help people in their daily routine work and seek to work smartly—social communication applications, which most people usually use. The Fouad WhatsApp connects the people, and through these applications, they have stayed very close to each other.

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile communication applications. Jan Koum and Brian Acton founded WhatsApp. Parentally the Facebook is the organization of WhatsApp. According to new statistics, WhatsApp has approximately 2 billion users around the world. These two billion users usually access this application every month. Due to the popularity of this WhatsApp application, many developers programmed their mods with extra features, which are generally unavailable in the basic version. Fouad WhatsApp is one of the mods which is having all elements that users are demanding.


 UPDATEDJuly 6, 2023

Fouad WhatsApp is one the best apk mod of WhatsApp in which we pay attention to the basic needs of our users and try to give them the things they required.

FM WhatsApp Download

 If you want to enjoy this excitement must download this FM WhatsApp. Just tick on the download button and enjoy your exciting time.

  • The effortless procedure of the installation of this application.
  • Just click on the download button, file going download starts.
  • Before all this practice is done, you must make sure that you have turned on the outsourced of the mobile. Because it requires your permission, then will download
  • Click on the icon of this game and go to the install button.
  • When the installation is finished, by default feature will be unlocked.
  • Hurry, enjoy your time with this game.

The aim of introducing Fouad WhatsApp is to upgrade subsidiary features that are not obtainable in the previous version. Fouad WhatsApp has all the features which are already available in the WhatsApp version. By using these multi hallmarks, you can consummate your good inclination.

 Numerous people who already use simple WhatsApp use Fouad WhatsApp, and I am sure they will addict to this application. Because in this mod, we have to pay attention to the privacy of our users, there is a little bit of user privacy that is compromised in the simple WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp has these auxiliary features which are given below.

  • Read deleted messages
  • Hide your identity in groups
  • Automatic option of status downloading
  • Freez last seen
  • Delivery messages confirmation
  • Read message confirmation
  • Detach forwarded label
  • Language barrier
  • Status un-viewed option
  • Unnotified deleted messages
  • Conserve downloaded media where you want
  • Arrange or accept calls in the groups
  • Adjust the font size
  • Adjust the font color
  • Favorite contact name color
  • Install themes of your choice
  • Saved themes in zip files and retrieve when you need
  • Adjust the image in the chat box
  • Upload maximum words on status
  • Airplane mode or don’t disturb mode
  • Hide archived chats
  • Change back color of the home screen
  • Put on top whom which you did chat a lot
  • Hide your online status
  • See the last seen of your friend
  • Hide profile image
  • Option of two step security
  • Hide your about from specific contact
  • Hide your profile from specific contact
  • Hide your identity in groups
  • Voice note play bar button color
  • Call blocker
  • Call waiting notification
  • Change the color of the send button
  • Forward icon color
  • Reply icon color
  • Favorite message color
  • Hide typing and recording action on contact bar
  • Allow, who can call you
  • Alert spam message
  • Read deleted messages

Read Deleted Messages

Fouad WhatsApp allows you to read deleted messages of the sender. Sometimes unconsciously and sometimes forcefully messages sent by the sender are photos or videos that they don’t want to share with their contacts and frequently delete that media, but you have an option in Fouad WhatsApp to read them and reply to them that text.

Spam Message Alert

Many users face the problem of spamming messages. Usually, Spam messages contain viruses and bugs that could be harmful for your device and application too. This version of WhatsApp, called Fouad WhatsApp, will alert the user about a virus sometimes; it will not allow an application to open it. By this, user can be saved their data from viruses.

Hide Typing and recording Action

It can be seen incessantly when the sender or receiver sends an action that is performing, which can be recorded and typing appeared on the chat bar. And this action could be seen by the receiver. No one can see this action in this WhatsApp that we are offering. In the latest statistics, users claim that it is compromising privacy. So, we squander this issue and upgrade it into Fouad WhatsApp.

Hide Identity in Groups

Ordinarily, people want to hide their identity, especially females in groups. They don’t want to appear in public. In this version, we had worked on it. You deployed security; whenever someone wants to approach you, a notification will pop up and ask permission. If you allow that notification, then they will do contact. So, from now, not everyone can access the group contact.

Adjust Image in The Chat Box

You have a choice in WhatsApp, and you can select and apply your image in your favourite chatbot. Like you want to apply an image on that contact which is frequent in your use. You can easily apply the image. This is an extra feature in Fouad WhatsApp.

Freeze Last Seen

You can easily do it if you don’t want to tell your contact about your last seen when you were online last time and don’t like to share this information. Download Fouad WhatsApp and tick this option. By freezing your last seen, no one can estimate how much time before you were online. 

Hide Profile Image

Hide your profile image even from your contacts. You have an option in the Fouad WhatsApp you can hide your profile image. Profile only shows to that person in your contacts, but sometimes you don’t want to share your photo with every touch. Hide your image from them. 

Hide Your Profile About

You can also avail this option in the Fouad WhatsApp, and that hides your profile. It can be accessed from your contacts. Many contacts are on your list, which is not essential, but you have to enlist them. So, hide your current profile from them. 

Upload Maximum Words on Status

There will be no limit of words o status. Every ambiguity which is in WhatsApp is solved in Fouad WhatsApp. You can upload your status with maximum words. There will be no condition to resist you uploading a minimum number of words.

 Two-Step Security

An outstanding and quite lovely feature of Fouad WhatsApp is two security steps. Whenever you lost your gadgets and change your device or reset your device, Fouad WhatsApp will demand two security steps to install it against that contact. Two-step security means you have to clear or satisfy your application that it is the concerned person approaching this WhatsApp. Two-step means your secret password and an inevitable question or maybe your pin code or perhaps the date of birth, which you added to Fouad WhatsApp. In this security, your privacy does not compromise.

Allow Who Can Call You

Sometimes it is very exasperating that contacts who are not on your list call and make you disturbed. It is also possible that the person in your communication and you don’t want to answer his call is continuously distressing you. So, we take the solution of this in Fouad WhatsApp.

The function with no one can access you without your permission. First, they ask permission. If your side grants a license, then they will be able to call or message. Many users like this feature.

Status Downloading

The best feature which I like is automatic downloading of status. You can download your contact’s status without asking their permission. In the previous version, you have to inbox your contacts and ask them about their current story.

This process is so long, and sometimes on time, you will get your desired media. In this version, you can download any media, such as your contacts’ images, videos, and stories. An essential element is that you will get shy when you inbox your reference and ask them about status. 

Call Waiting Notification

Call waiting, or on-call notification is usually seen on mobile calls. Fouad WhatsApp is introducing an important feature which is called call waiting notification. There are two possibilities available in it.

When you are on call, and during the call, someone is calling you, he will get a notification that the contact is on call, and if you want to hide your call waiting notification, you both have an option. Disable the call waiting option, and when you are on call, and someone calls you, he will get the notification, the number is not responding or is out of reach. This is another good feature; through this, you can hide your call details and how long your cell was on call.

Detach Forwarded Label

Media that you are sending in your contacts are usually labeled by word forwarded. This tag does not look good when you send something to your touch. This annoying forwarded tag can only be removed only in Fouad WhatsApp. You can remove this tag, and sometimes it is by default untagged media. Media that contains titles forwarded many times is also can be released in it. You can deliver the media countless times, and no tag will be shown on the top of the media. This feature is also so lovely, and users fascinate by it.

Forward Icon Color

In this peculiarity, you can change the forward icon of this application. You will not face any conflict between the forward and reply icon. Changed icon color will help you in sending forward messages quickly. And there will be no chance of mistakes while you are sending or replying to any message. You also have different choices of colors in it. If you select red or blue, that could indicate you, and this tiled blue arrow is a forward icon.

Read Message Confirmation

This is a supreme feature of Fouad WhatsApp. When you text someone, it is not confirmed that he read your message or is still unread. Because some contacts put the privacy as they do off read receipt and sender can not observe whether he read or ignore it. 

Through this feature, you can confirm this your message has been delivered to your concerned person and read it as well. So, this is another striking peculiarity. You can address him efficiently because he has read your text and is now ignoring you or not replying to you. When you download Fouad WhatsApp, you must try this feature.

Hide Your Online

The remarkable feature can be listed in the excellent part of Fouad WhatsApp. Sometimes it is essential to hide your online status because there can be many compelled to stay away from those on your contact list, and you don’t want to update them about your status. 

This feature is for those persons. You can deploy a privacy policy on your status and hide your current status from specific contacts. When you have done this, they receive that you are not online anymore, but you will be still online and doing your job which you want.

This distinctive feature you must try. 

Airplane Mode or DND Mode

I have just seen this feature in mobile sim or network which is usually used in the globe. When you activate this mode, the calling person receives the message like your number is out of range or out of service and sometimes may be powered off. This is just because of airplane mode. 

Originally or technically, this feature was introduced for air traveling because it is dangerous to use any gadgets in an airplane. So, companies introduced this feature for this purpose. Now it is also obtainable in Fouad WhatsApp. You can become active in this mode wherever you want. It is not mandatory when you are in the plane, then active this mode. Meetings and on those places where network rays like in x rays’ room and in other areas you can activate this mode.

Hide Archived Chats

You have recourse available in this version, and you can easily hide your favorite chats. Some chats can be archived, and archived talks also hide in this WhatsApp. Firstly, select your conversations and send them into archived and then go to archived chats and select those chats you want to hide. This is the best privacy to hide your chats. You do not need to apply a pin or fingerprint password at the start of WhatsApp. Just hide your conversations and make you feel free.

Reply Icon Color

You may have got the option in WhatsApp to change the color of the reply icon. There is an option available on the top of the application when you are in the chatbox with any contact. There is always the chance of conflict between the forward icon and reply icon so, to avoid this conflict and problem, we have given you an option change of icon color. Choose the favorite color of your choice and set it on the reply icon. 

Favorite Message Color

The contact you like the most and did chat more than the other contact, in this, you also have an extra option, which is your favorite message color. You can change the color of your chat. When you receive any text from a specified person on which you had applied the favorite message feature, the notification has also contained multi-color lights on display. It looks so multi, funky, and too attractive. And you will get to know the message came from a favorite person.

Language Barrier

There is no language barrier in this application. You can download it and choose the language in which you have command. There are approximately 200 languages in this application. So don’t worry about this. You have questions in your mind, how you understand this system and how you will operate it. We have given you freedom in language. Please choose the right in which you are fluent and use it.

Status Viewed Feature

This is another fantastic feature of this software. On one side, you are hiding your availability from your boss, and on the other side, you have viewed your boss status. This is so embarrassing for you because you get caught by speaking a lie, so try this option, in which you can see the status of your fellow, but he does not know that you have viewed this online status. Please avoid making comments on the status; otherwise, your comment will show him, and he will ask your availability.

Un-notified deleted Messages

When you send a message to any contact you don’t want to send, and by chance, it has been sent, you can delete this message without notifying him. When he receives a message, and you also deleted it from your side, he will notify which person and text have been sent by which contact. There will be no notification and nothing action performs by deleting your text from your side. By installing this application, you can use all these features which we have told you.

Hide last seen

Usually this feature is also available in the original version of WhatsApp. By this amazing feature you can hide your online activity and online timer. No one can assess, how much time before you were online.

Arrange Calls

You can make calls and receive calls when you are already on another call. This is an exciting feature of this software, and if you are already on a call and another person is calling you simultaneously, you can arrange calls or receive calls between them. You can also add the contact during a group call. You have another attribute: when you call someone on WhatsApp in a group, and he did not attend the call, continuously his cell will be ringing for the time being he does not follow the call or decline it.

Font Size and Font Color

You can change the font size and font color of your chat. Choose the best font with style and bold letter and set the color of the chat font accordingly. You can change the size of the font. If you need to wear short-sightedness glasses and you cannot read the text font in shot size, you have an option. Change it, which suits you better, and select the color of it as well.

Themes of your choice

This Fouad WhatsApp always works as an original version of WhatsApp. We just added some essential features which our users require. All these features are crucial, and user demands them as well. So, we upgrade these features and change the name of this application. Otherwise, this application looks and work like the original version of it. 

You can choose your choice of theme colors, wallpapers and install them. This application has a dark mode, light mode, and day mode. You can change your theme as of your choice.

Call Blocker

Block those contacts from chats and calls that are too annoying, and you don’t want to connect with them. You also have an option of a call blocker. The person who is calling you again n again put his number on the blocklist. When they call you, they get a notification from you that you are busy. They don’t even know; your side is blocking them. Use these features in this application and share your best experience with us. Your feedback will be so vital for us.

Conserve media where you want

When you are in a social circle, then you have so many groups and contacts that shares their opinions, media, videos, imaged and files, documents. They all required enough space; allocate them specific storage or area where you could download these media files. Mainly these all files download into the gallery and pop on the face of the media gallery when you opened it. 

In this application, you can allocate storage media, and all media files will download in that folder. 


You can make the backup of your chats, media, and files in it. Set the time and date for backup. There are approximately 4 to 5 options for backup. Weekly, daily, monthly and hourly. Set your choice when suits you best and create backups. 

You also get an option to do back up like in on drive, mobile phone, and Gmail account. Select your choice, and your chat backup will be done.


Describe the dominant difference between WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp?

The essential and foremost difference between these two applications is that Fouad WhatsApp is an intimately upgraded and updated version of WhatsApp. All features are installed in it that is required by our user.

Describe Fm WhatsApp, and will it harm my android device?

Fm WhatsApp is the modified and upgraded version of the communication application. When we were developing this social application, we have paid attention to the bugs fixing and viruses. So, download Fm WhatsApp without any care because this is free from viruses.

Briefly explain how I can use both WhatsApp o my android device?

You can use both WhatsApp on your device by downloading it after installation, putting two different numbers in the application, and using it. 

Can this application do my cell phone slow?

No, your android device will not be slow or hang by this application; because this application is developed lightly, this application can run on any ordinary android device.


If you get bored by an old version of this communication application and want to get more excitement and joyful features, you have to use and Download FM WhatsApp. This application will give you more exciting features and more addictive themes to enhance your keenness related to this application.

As we take statistics related to this software from different users, they enjoy these features discussed in our topic. Users get addicted to this application, and they assure us that they will not now move to an old version.

With this feedback, we think more about our users, and we will consider much more exciting communication applications for our users as well.

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